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How to survive a breakup: Detach from your relationship in a healthy way

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Trying to figure out how to survive a breakup can be exhausting. Breaking up is painful. You may be feeling alone, confused, angry, or all of the above. Maybe you didn’t see all of this coming or maybe your were the one who ended the relationship, but you are still struggling from this great BIG loss. During this time of surviving a broken heart, it’s important that you give yourself the space to heal and recover from this trauma in a healthy way.

When I broke up with a boyfriend of mine that I dated for two years I could not stop crying and was completely traumatized from the breakup. I felt like my life had turned upside down. He was the center of my universe and, all of a sudden, he was not in my life anymore. And to top it all off, at the end of our relationship he did something that left me feeling deeply hurt and betrayed. I wish I had a break up survival guide to help me navigate through this process!

In order to disconnect from all of the overwhelming pain I was feeling, I made the UNCONSCIOUS choice to despise and hate him. This man that I so deeply loved quickly became the man that I so deeply hated. Despising him helped me to not feel so engulfed by my feelings, but because I did not detach in a healthy way, I did a tremendous amount of damage to myself and my heart. I sabotaged my ability to love again because my heart became filled with bitterness and resentment.  I thought that this was how to survive a breakup.

For a long time I blamed him for all of this pain that I was feeling, but it was not until I took full responsibility for my part in the relationship  that I was able to start opening my heart to love again. Why did I allow myself to stay in a relationship that did not fulfill my needs? Why did I give up on asking for what I needed? It was not until I started answering these types of questions for myself, that I was able to reclaim my own power and move on. After a period of time I was able to finally forgive my old boyfriend. The pain that dwelled in my heart on a daily basis began to depart and I started to feel alive and happy again.

At Breakup Recovery Now, we guide you on how to survive a breakup and the process of detaching from your relationship in a healthy way. We will help you learn how to take responsibility for yourself and your relationship so that you can survive a broken heart and fully reclaim your power and keep your heart open to love again. You don’t need to continue struggling with this breakup pain on your own. Feeling supported is just a phone call away.


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