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Break Up Survival Guide: 3 Tips To Help You Move On

If you are looking for a break up survival guide, the following few tips will perhaps help you navigate through the tumultuous feelings that you may be feeling right now. After a breakup life as you know it turns upside down, old relationship wounds resurface, and your heart may be heavy from heartbreak. This may be hard to hear now, but a breakup can be a beautiful process if engaged with in a conscious way. A breakup can be a chance to reclaim yourself, your power, and your life.

After I broke up with a boyfriend I was dating for a year, I was distraught because all of the hopes and dreams that I had created for the two of us had come to an end and I was left with a void. A big chunk of my life was now missing and it was uncomfortable and painful.

Break Up Survival Guide Tip 1: Take a Trip

I needed to start filling this void. One of the first things I did to heal my breakup pain was to get out of my house and take a trip. I went on a week long meditation retreat in the mountains of Oregon. I was now out of my regular environment that would have only reminded me of my ex boyfriend. Being in this new environment sped up my healing process and I came back feeling nurtured and renewed.

Break Up Survival Guide Tip 2: Talk It Out

Every time I was having a little meltdown I’d call one of my loving girlfriends and they would emotionally support me by letting me talk it out. It would have been completely impossible for me to heal after a breakup if I did not have someone to talk to. One of the reasons I created Breakup Recovery Now was so that you would have someone to talk to about your breakup struggles. I don’t want anyone to have to go through a breakup all alone.

Break Up Survival Guide Tip 3: No Contact

I’m a big believer in making a clean break after a breakup. This means no contact at all. No phone calls. No text messages. No emails…..and definitely no physical contact. I know this may seem like a hard thing to do, but it so necessary to help you in moving on. I made the mistake of emailing my ex-boyfriend after a month and a half after we broke up. I was hoping for a certain response from him, and all the email did was open up the breakup wound again. Maintaining the “no contact” rule after a breakup will speed up your recovery process. I know it’s so hard, but it’s one of the best actions to take to help you move on with your life.

At Breakup Recovery Now we are here to listen to you and guide you through the deep feelings you may be experiencing. We can help you learn how to survive a breakup with ease and grace. If at any time you are feeling under supported and could use another loving ear to listen to you, take a step towards your healing and give us a call.


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